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Allspice (Whole)

Allspice (Whole)

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Contrary to its name, allspice is, in fact, not a blend; rather, it is a single distinctive spice that is the dried berry of the evergreen pimiento tree that grows in Jamaica, Mexico and Honduras. Its warm flavor and pungent fragrance, which many liken to a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, make allspice a versatile seasoning used in both savory and sweet foods. It enhances the taste of many fruits and adds depth to winter produce like pumpkins and squash. True to its origins, allspice is a key ingredient in the cuisine of the Caribbean, particularly in jerk seasoning. In America, it is most often found in fruit pies and cakes but is also what gives Cincinnati-style chili its unique flavor. Allspice is utilized by commercial food producers in ketchup, pickles, curry powders and sausages. Whole allspice is commonly used in pickling spices and liquids. Also, many chefs prefer to purchase allspice in its whole form, as it yields a more aromatic result when freshly ground. Whole allspice is very easy to grind and has an exceptional shelf life when stored in an airtight container.


Whole Allspice.


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