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For almost 70 years, McClancy has been making food flavorful. After all, the flavor is at the heart of every meal.

McClancy products are used in thousands of restaurants around the world every day. As a restaurant owner, keeping up with the ever-changing taste preferences of the public is a daily challenge, but what if you have a partner that is involved in multiple areas of performance across fast food, casual and fine dining? We have a unique view of what is popular, what is gaining in popularity and what may have peaked.

We give your company a competitive advantage by bringing ideas, resources and experience to food product development. Whether you want to create new flavors, goods or opportunities, McClancy can be your trusted partner for innovative, consistent and quality solutions.

Culinary & Research Development

With over 200 years of combined experience, our fully-staffed Culinary and R&D teams provide expertise to our customers by bringing innovative ideas from concept to commercialized reality. Our Research & Development team is your valuable resource for the following:

  • Quick turnaround time and service
  • On-trend foods and flavors
  • Certified chefs and food scientists
  • State-of-the-art 2000 sq. ft. R&D Culinary Center
  • Authentic restaurant equipment (breading, pastry and fry stations, rotisserie, pizza ovens and more)

The McClancy R&D team understands that innovation is the key to success in the restaurant business; we work with our clients to develop new, customized menu items that enhance the customer experience.

While we offer a vast variety of formulations available for reference, our team can match existing products using a reverse engineering process through laboratory testing and analysis. Our Flavor Match System™ allows customers to create a competitive and improved version of market-accepted products.

Although our product mix includes spices, seasonings, and dry blends, many of our products are “ready to prepare” products that allow the final preparation with water, milk, etc. to occur in the kitchen. Whether it is gravy, marinade, sauce, soup or beverage mix, create that “from scratch” experience. McClancy creates extraordinary “Plus (+) 1” systems with endless possibilities.

Packaging & Commercialization

At McClancy, we specialize in portion-controlled packaging to match our customers’ exact recipe specifications. This process turns even the most inexperienced cooks into chefs, with simple packaging that allows a restaurant chef to recreate standardized menu items quickly.

From one gram packets to 50 pound bags – and everything in between – our state-of-the-art packaging equipment is prepared to handle your recipe requirements.

Quality Assurance

The QA function at McClancy begins with raw materials; our team of technologists analyzes every lot of inbound raw material to verify it meets specifications. Quality checks continue through the blending and packaging process to ensure the finished product matches exacting standards before it is released. From the heat level of spice to the color or flavor of a finished blend, we monitor everything.

Manufacturing Facilities

McClancy has two, advanced manufacturing facilities, as well as a spice grinding plant on-site.
With approximately 200,000 sq. ft., and growing, we are positioned to process your volume demands.

The McClancy Difference

McClancy has been a trusted name for almost 70 years. As we continue to move into the future with our clients, our experience, expertise, resources and innovation continue to grow and improve. Our family-owned business is equipped with the R&D resources, custom blending and packaging options and distribution necessary to help your business compete in the food industry. Further, we provide strict Quality Assurance, flexibility, consistency and competitive pricing you will not find elsewhere. At McClancy, we are your strategic business partner positioned to help your company.

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